The Madrid General Index will have 115 stocks in 2022

Madrid Stock Exchange revision

CDM/ The Management Committee of the Madrid General Index (IGBM) decided in its ordinary revision meeting that both the IGBM and the Total Index will be formed by 115 listed companies in the first half of 2022. This follows the exit of Barón de Ley, Biosearch, Codere, Euskaltel and Solarpack, and the entrance of Acciona Energías Renovables.

Acciona Energías Renovables will become part of the index after its listing on July 1.

Meanwhile, Barón de Ley will leave after being removed from the stock market on October 19, following the exclusion bid launched by the company itself.

Biosearch shares were excluded from trading on July 30, following the positive outcome of the bid launched by Kerry Iberia Taste & Nutrition.

Codere shares were suspended from trading December 17, after its shareholders approved the request to the Stock Market Regulator (CNMV) to exclude the shares from trading.

Euskaltel was excluded from the Stock Market on September 1 after the bid by Kaixo Telecom.

And finally, Solarpack shares were suspended from trading on December 9, until the definitive exclusion from trading takes place. This follows the forced sale of all the company’s shares after the bid made by Veleta Bidco went ahead.

The final weightings of the sectors, subsectors and stocks will be published in the Madrid Stock Market’s Trading Bulletin of December 30, 2021.