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Madrid Stock Exchange revision

Ibex 35 Companies Earn More Than 50 Billion Euros

The 34 largest companies in Spain, with the exception of Inditex, which will publish its figures in March, have declared a combined net profit of more than 54.995 billion euros. This is the highest ever for the Spanish selective index. It is also the first time it has exceeded 50 billion. In 2010, it came within a hair’s breadth with 49.499 billion. The big winner in 2021, by far, is…

Madrid Stock Exchange revision

The Madrid General Index will have 115 stocks in 2022

CDM/ The Management Committee of the Madrid General Index (IGBM) decided in its ordinary revision meeting that both the IGBM and the Total Index will be formed by 115 listed companies in the first half of 2022. This follows the exit of Barón de Ley, Biosearch, Codere, Euskaltel and Solarpack, and the entrance of Acciona Energías Renovables. Acciona Energías Renovables will become part of the index after its listing on…


Large Companies Infected By Villarejo

Fernando González Urbaneja | Over the last two decades, for very sound reasons, big companies around the world, including Spanish ones, have shown interest in improving their governance model, what is now called “governance”. There is an abundance of academic literature, recommendations from regulators, legal regulations in all areas and explicit commitments from managers and directors blessed by boards of directors and general meetings. It is clear that efforts and…

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Foreign Investors Hold 57% Of The Ibex 35

The Bank of Spain’s statistics on the balances, by holders, of Ibex 35 stocks were released today. Foreign investors held 57.21% of the value of Ibex 35 shares at end-March this year, slightly more than the 56.5% they held a year earlier. The value of their holdings amounted to 312.547 billion euros. According to data from the Bank of Spain, households own 14.2% of Ibex 35 shares, some 77 billion…

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What If Siemens Energy Wants To Eat Up Siemens Gamesa?

Bankinter | For weeks, financial circles have been hovering around the idea of the German giant taking full control of the subsidiary. The market is speculating on a possible stock market exclusion of Siemens Gamesa, in which it currently holds a 67% stake, according to Expansion. As said by the same sources, the CEO of Siemens Energy commented that “it is not currently on its agenda”. The remaining 33% of the capital would represent at market prices some 5.833 billion euros.

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IBEX 35 Expectant In View Of Coalescence Of Non-Financial Reporting Standards

Fernando Rodríguez | The announced merger between SASB and IIRC, two institutions which set non-financial reporting standards, is a step forward in the convergence towards a single standard. This process began at the end of 2019 when framework- and standard-setting institutions of international significance like SASB and IIRC together with GRI, CPD and CDSB joined efforts and signed: Statement of Intent to Work Together Towards Comprehensive Corporate Reporting.

NH Hotels: interesting, but expensive compared to rivals

NH Hotels: Interesting, But Expensive Compared To Rivals

José Benito de Vega | Following the sharp fall compared to the Ibex 35 in the last two months of 2018 (-26% in November/December 2018 compared to the -4% of the Ibex 35), NH has performed relatively positively so far in 2019, with a rise of 22% compared to the 12% of the Ibex 35.