“A disastrous night for Sánchez”

sanchez feijooPedro Sánchez and Nuñez Feijóo

This is how the pro-Sánchez daily El País summed up the debate that took place yesterday, at 10pm, between President Sánchez and the leader of the PP, Nuñez Feijóo, who is several points ahead of the PSOE leader in all the polls. And yesterday’s debate is not going to change the trend. A nervous, unfocused Sánchez refused to sign the proposal made by the leader of the PP for the most voted party to govern thanks to the abstention of the other party. The PP could thus avoid the alliances with Vox that Sánchez reproaches so much, and Sánchez the alliances with Bildu, ERC and Podemos, among others, that will cost the PSOE many votes.

The strange thing about the debate is that at all times, Nuñez Feijóo looked like the president and the Pedro Sánchez appeared to be the challenger. This was something unusual, and the pro-Sanchez daily El País faithfully reported it as: “Sánchez, a challenger who could not break the debate”.

The daily El Mundo explains that “An overwhelmed Sánchez loses the historic face-to-face with Feijóo” and that Sánchez loses his temper and Feijóo calls for ‘a majority against extremes’.

La Razón explains that “Sánchez’s last bullet was also a blank one” and the historic ABC says that “Sánchez misses his chance”. El Español points out that “Sánchez loses his great opportunity before a combative but serene Feijóo” and Expansión that “Feijóo dismantles Sánchez’s triumphalism”…

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