Insiders beware! When Bezos, Zuckerberg or Dimon sell…

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Banca March| The insiders’ sales, which they are taking advantage of to make profits, should be taken as a sign of caution about the future performance of some companies. The high accumulated profitability of the Magnificent Seven and other companies is in any case being exploited by the insiders, top managers or owners, to make capital gains.

In the last month, $9.3 billion was sold under this heading. The ranking is headed by Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, after selling 8.5 billion in shares in the group over 10 days in February – 5% of his position in the stock – which the market speculates will be used to boost his aerospace transport business Blue Origin.

Also selling shares were JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon – $150 million, 10% of his position -, Meta chairman Mark Zuckerberg – $661 million – and Palantir software group CEO Alex Karp – $46 million – the latter in a single session.

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