Swiss people on average salary earn €1 million in 15 years, Nigerians need 500

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Analysts at have counted how many years it would take people living in different countries and earning the average national salary to earn €1 million. The analysis shows that if we add up all the net payments received by an average employee, a resident of Switzerland will earn his first million euros the fastest: in 15 years and two months, while in Singapore the time is 18 years and two months, in Luxembourg it is 18 years and six months, in the USA 21 years and three months and Iceland 22 years and five months.

Spain occupies 29th place in this ranking. On the average Spanish salary, you can earn €1 million in 49 years and four months. But it takes more than 500 years to earn the same amount in Nigeria, 554, Uganda, 559 years and eight months, Egypt, 646 years and eight months, and Pakistan, 664 years and six months.

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