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Aena traffic levels up 0.6% in March, exceed 2019 levels again, reaching 20.1 million passengers

Renta 4 | Aena (AENA) publishes traffic statistics for Spanish airports for March. Although passenger figures slowed slightly compared to January and February, March traffic levels again exceeded (+0.6%) 2019 levels, reaching 20.1 million passengers, thus improving expectations by nearly 10%. Domestic passengers were 4.4% above 2019 (February above +6%), while international passengers were 1.6% below 2019 levels (February flat vs 2019). The number of flights exceeded 2019 levels by…


Aena figures improve: 17.9m passengers per month, only 2% below pre-pandemic levels.

Renta 4 | December traffic levels were only slightly below pre-pandemic levels and were also slightly better than in previous months. Passengers reached 17.9 million in the month, in line with forecasts, only 2% below 2019 levels, allowing us to reach the annual figure of 243.6 million passengers (11.5% below 2019’s figures, aligned with forecasts). Domestic passengers totalled 3.8% below 2019 and international passengers remain at 15% down on an…

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The Aviation Industry: Five Reasons For Resilience

Capital Group | Last year was a truly awful time for global aviation. The COVID-19 pandemic brought about the biggest disruption to the global aviation industry in its entire history. Nevertheless, despite the magnitude of events, there are several reasons why some sectors within aviation, such as aircraft manufacturing, may be more resilient than they have been in the past.

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Amadeus: Solid business, but lack of potential, Sabadell recommends to sell

In a difficult year for the sector, major Spanish IT provider for the global travel and tourism industry Amadeus (AMS) has shown solidity in its operations thanks to the high visibility of its revenues (dependent on transactions vs. price) and the global reach of its business, well diversified geographically, analysts at Sabadell argue.

Iberia grows more than IAG´s other airlines, while Brexit is debated

IAG meets Q119 supply growth target with +6.1%

Renta4 | IAG has published the March air traffic data, which show a beginning to the year similar to the company’s capacity (supply) target for Q119, with demand growing slightly more than supply, and in line with the target for the year of 5.9%.

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Heathrow, Model For EU Airports

Santander | The growth in passenger numbers registered at Zurich in November (6.0 % vs. 6.0% est), Aena (6.9% vs 6.5% est) and ADP (5.4% vs 4.8% est) was more or less in line with our estimations, while the traffic in Fraport (4.7% vs 6.5% est) and Heathrow (3.3% vs 0.2%) remained below.


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Roaming fares and air traffic capture Friday’s market chatter

MADRID | By Jaime Santisteban | European Parliament could eliminate roaming mobile phones rates as of December 2015. Although they’ve been reduced in the last years, it still means 2 % of Telefónica Group income. ACF foresees an impact worth 4 % in the company’s EBITDA.


IAG released March air traffic figures which were under target but keep the recent trend. Demand grows (+10.2 % vs March 2013) for the second straight months. Iberia lost -5.1 % compared to February whereas Vueling (+21%) and British Airways (+3.2%) improved. RENTA4 expects no impact on IAG share price.


Friday’s graph: downturn in US air traffic higher than in Europe

The International Air Transport Association published this week April data, which confirmed that there has been a certain slowdown on the overall still growth picture. From January to April, world air traffic was up by an accumulated 7.1 percent versus 7.4 percent in January to March. Emerging markets like Latin America, Middle East and Africa registered double-digit growth, while the down trend was worse in the US than in Europe.