Ferrovial, Plenary Create Netflow To Bid For Projects In Australia

Ferrovial has teamed up with the Australian company Plenary to bid for motorway and other infrastructure concessions in Australia and New Zealand. They will create a joint venture (the Netflow consortium) through Ferrovial’s concessionary arm Cintra. This market is a priority one for Ferrovial, basically because of its high profitability.


ACS Strengthens Positions in US, Australia

The joint venture formed by Leandlease and Turner (subsidiary of ACS) has been awarded a project to extend the Jacob K. Javits convention centre (New York) for a total of 1.5 billion dollars (approx. 1.4 billion euros).

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Australia: A “Swedish Governor” at the RBA?

SAO PAULO | By Marcus Nunes via Historinhas | It would be pretty depressing, so late in the game, to see “gold medalist” Australia fall into a Swedish-type trap. I hope Mr Lowe is a lone voice: Australian central bank Deputy Governor Philip Lowe urged vigilance on asset prices inflated by record-low interest rates and said government action is needed to encourage companies to invest.

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The “Rat Pack” loses one member (Australia)

SAO PAULO | By Marcus Nunes | (Note to generation y: The Rat Pack was the name given to a group of actors led by Frank Sinatra Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr) In 2005 Edward Nelson, at the Research Department of the St Louis Fed, wrote a very interesting paper entitled “Monetary Policy Neglect and the Great Inflation in Canada, Australia and new Zealand”.

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The answer to the euro’s troubles is down under

Don’t worry about the external deficit. The Spanish economy needs permanent capital inflows and that isn’t really a problem when the country can generate income to cover interests and dividends. Look at Australia, suggests economist Luis Arroyo.