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Bankinter’s results are so much better than expected, even competitors are surprised

By Tania Suárez, in Madrid | Bankinter, with €59bn in assets, is the smallest of the Spanish listed banks but it has surprised everyone with its brilliant results. Net profit at the end of 2011 amounted to €181.2mn with an improvement of 20% compared to 2010. The gross margin was of €1,104.48mn, an increase of 0.20% year on year. Its income before provisions grew by more than 2.9% compared to…

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BoE, ECB prepare field for the unstoppable Greek default

At Bankinter, analysts expect markets to register a further downward move in the coming weeks. In fact, they believe that markets right now “are probably too excited by the prospects of a coordinated and positive outcome for the euro zone. In reality, the only tangible factor one could be led by to optimism is the fact that the ECB has some unconventional measures taken, but these are not decisive in…