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Bankruptcy proceedings up 48% in Spain in first two months of year

Informa D&B| In the first two months of 2024, 1,516 insolvency proceedings and 7,871 dissolutions have been registered in Spain, according to data on insolvency proceedings extracted by INFORMA D&B S.A.U. (S.M.E.), a subsidiary of Cesce. These figures represent an increase of 48% for insolvency proceedings, while dissolutions decreased by 1%. The companies in insolvency proceedings in February had sales of around €666 million and employed 5,300 people. Most of…


CEOE employers’ association raises alarm: 16,764 companies close in January

The CEOE employers’ association has detected that “unfortunately, a significant destruction of the business fabric is taking place”. This is a deterioration “that translates into the loss of 17,300 self-employed, since the beginning of the year, and the closure of 16,764 companies in the month of January alone”, according to the newspaper Expansión. Thus, between the different types of companies and businesses, 34,000 enterprises have been destroyed so far this…


Spain: The Bankruptcy Reform Bill Is Not To Anyone’s Liking

J.C. González Vázquez * | On August 3rd, the Council of Ministers finally approved the long-awaited Bill for the adaptation of our insolvency legislation to EU Directive 2019/1023 regarding preventive restructuring frameworks, discharge of debt and disqualifications. In addition, measures to increase the efficiency of procedures concerning restructuring, insolvency and discharge of debt. Great hopes had been placed on it because it was thought that it would help to save…

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Abengoa: Another Story Of Sudden Insolvency

Fernando Barciela | Throughout this current year, 99 companies across the world have defaulted, the second highest figure in the decade after the 2009 crisis, according to S&P. Spanish firm Abengoa could be added to the list.