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Hotel Recovery Consolidates In Spain As Madrid And Barcelona Exceed 2019 Booking Figures

For the first time since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Spain’s two largest cities, Barcelona and Madrid, have generated more hotel bookings than during the same period two years ago, reaching 111.68% and 102.03% of 2019 figures respectively, as of 24 October 2021, SiteMinder’s World Hotel Index reveals. These figures show the strength of Spanish destinations, beyond the coastal cities of sun and beach tourism, where travellers have already…

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Body Blow To Spain’s Automobile Sector : Nissan Closes Its Barcelona Plant, Destroying Nearly 25,000 Jobs

The automotive sector was already in a difficult situation before COVID-19. The Spanish market is not escaping this crisis and has already seen its first victim with the announcement of the Nissan plants’ closure in Barcelona. The closure, which is expected to take place in December, will cut around 3,000 direct jobs at the plant and an additional 20,000 indirect jobs. The sector represents 10% of Spanish GDP and the three Catalan factories produce 1 in 5 vehicles assembled in Spain. 

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Ferrovial builds first wind-powered charging station for electric cars

BARCELONA | Through its municipal and environmental services subsidiary Cespa, Ferrovial Services announced it has installed the first wind-powered recharging station for electric vehicles in Europe. The station, equipped with a 4 kW wind turbine, is the first in Europe to generate electricity from wind and use it for vehicle recharging. Cespa manages municipal waste collection and cleaning contracts in western Barcelona as well as an end-to-end garden maintenance contract in…

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Telecoms and Telefónica summit in Barcelona: HTML-5, 100mb LTE and Joyn

By Julia Pastor, in Madrid | 60,000 professionals and 1,500 companies from more than 200 countries (86 of the participating firms are Spanish) gather since Monday and for a further week in the Mobile World Congress MWC held in Barcelona. It is the seventh meeting edition hosted by the Spanish city, and the first one since Barcelona was awarded the title of Mobile World Capital last July, an honour that…