Capitolio assault

Investors Ignore The Assault On Capitol: 10-Year US Bond Yields Exceed 1% For The First Time Since March

Yesterday’s assault on the US Capitol by Trump supporters on the grounds of election fraud is an episode of violence not seen in the almost two and a half centuries of the existence of the US,” Banca March’ analysts note. What is suprising is the fact that investors ignore that “this is a direct attack on democratic institutions”, Link Securities points out.


No need to fear the inversion of the yield curve

Jeroen Blokland (Robeco) | The yield curve for US 10 year/ 3 month Trasury bonds inverted in March. This phenomenon has accurately predicted the last seven recessions. However, analysis shows that is does not cause extreme variations in returns on assets.

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Will Spain’s risk premium let the government sleep at last?

MADRID| By Julia Pastor | Spain’s credit quality and solvency is increasingly improving. The country’s risk premium closed at 219 basis points on Tuesday to its lowest level since June of 2012, and under Italy’s. Also Spanish 10-years bonds neared 4% yield, more than double than the German ones. Public debt investors do not have much better options.