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150,000 Brits in Spain Have Applied For TIE Residency Card

The British Embassy in Madrid has revealed that 150,000 Britons living in Spain have been issued with a TIE card since it was introduced in July last year. As Fiona Govan explains in The Olive Press: Brexit meant the Green certificates available to citizens of EU member states would no longer be issued to Brits entitled to residency in Spain. Those who had yet to apply for residency were encouraged…

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British Expats Are Claiming Their Spanish-European Identity

The British community in Spain is the largest in the EU: there are 297,000 Britons resident in Spain, according to January data from the National Statistics Institute. After the political earthquake created by Brexit, a large part of this community is now seeking dual nationality from the Spanish government to protect their rights as European citizens. For this to happen, there will have to be a change in the Spanish law.