California Board Diversity Law Has Been Declared Unconstitutional By The Superior Court Of The State

José Carlos González Vázquez (Ceca Magán Lawyers) | On April 1, 2022, Los Angeles County Superior Court has found that California Corporations Section 301.4 (AB 979 signed in September 30, 2020), which requires publicly listed corporations to have at least one director on their boards from “underrepresented communities”, defined as “an individual who self-identifies as Black, African American, Hispanic, Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American, Native Hawaian, or Alaska Native,…

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S&P: California’s aggressive austerity won’t solve its huge deficit

free advice on getting your ex girlfriend back NEW YORK | California's new fiscal year begins July 1 with a massive problem: a $16 billion hole, the biggest deficit of the 50 states. Without one budget in place, the Golden State would not be able to make certain payments to schools or pay salaries of officials and their staff. While part of Europe suffers from austerity, California's lawmakers are also…


California Gov turns to European austerity

NEW YORK | “Cutting alone really doesn’t do it, and that’s why I’m linking the serious budget reductions — real increase to austerity — with a plea to the voters: please increase taxes temporarily on the most affluent and everyone else with a quarter of a cent sales tax,” California governor Jerry Brown said in releasing his $91 billion general fund budget plan this week. These are not easy days for…