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Spanish banks meet ECB’s capital ratios

MADRID | The Corner | Financial entities need to submit allegations on the European Central Bank’s solvency ratios recommendations next week. As expected, due to their systemic nature the ECB is asking the biggest lenders (Santander and BBVA) a 9.0% ratio versus the 8.0% required for their smaller peers such as Caixabank, Bankia and Sabadell.

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Stress tests: EU banks start tarting up

MADRID | By Julia Pastor | As the ECB’s crucial examination comes closer, all European entities, from the core to the periphery, have started studying different formulas to show the best capital ratios possible. German banks would imminently issue CoCos, while Italy’s could be about to create a joint bad bank and Spain is to monetize around €40 bn of deferred tax assets. The stress tests’ results will be released at the end of October 2014.