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Spain: Car Sales Fall 11% In The First Half Of The Year

Last July 73,378 passenger cars and SUVs were registered in Spain, down 12.5% on the previous year and making it the worst July since 2012. Year-to-date sales are down 11% with a total of 481,135 units registered in 2022. Toyota, with 43,684 deliveries, leads the market. The new car registrations market in Spain is still in free fall and shows no signs of improving. In July, 73,378 passenger cars and…

car makers europe

More Cars Over 15 Years Old Are Already Being Bought In Spain Than New Vehicles

According to data from Ganvam, the National Association of Motor Vehicle Dealers, Repairs and Spare Parts, between January and March of this year, 167,120 vehicles over 15 years old were sold in Spain. This compares to the 164,399 new cars registered in the same period. As the president of Ganvam, Raúl Palacios, explained to the business newspaper 5 Días, “In the end, the second-hand market is still a reflection of…

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Spain (-30%) Leads European Car Sales Decline (-18.8%) Last Month

Car registrations in Europe (EU+EFTA+UK) fell by 18.8% YoY in March to 1.127 million units, according to ACEA data. Most countries in the region recorded double-digit sales declines, including the five key markets: Spain (-30.2%), Italy (-29.7%), France (-19.5%), Germany (-17.5%) and the UK (-14.3%). As a result, first quarter sales declined by 10.6% YoY in the region to 2.75 million units. All manufacturers suffered double-digit declines; Jaguar sales fell…

car makers europe

The Playbook For Chinese Carmakers To Mitigate Waning Domestic Demand And Higher Costs

Alicia García Herrero (Natixis) | After three years of sluggish performance, China’s car sales finally reverted to positive growth in 2021. The auto industry is essential for the Chinese economy as it forms 28% of retail sales and 7% of industrial revenue. Without a recovery in car sales, it is hard to imagine a solid rebound in consumption. In this note, we analyze the demand for passenger cars in China…


The driving forces of Elon Musk

BEIJING | By W. Jiapeng, H. Haoyi, Z.Shiyun and G. McCubbing via Caixin | The second time around to China has offered much more promise than the first some two years ago, Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla Motors Inc, said in an interview with Caixin. In three or four years, Musk plans to have cars produced in China, which will mean setting up a joint venture with a local partner, influencing the car industry to move faster in the direction of electric cars.


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Mexico: When The Car Industry Is An All-In

MEXICO CITY | By David Brunat | It’s crystal clear: the automotive industry is going to drive the Mexican economy soon, says the country’s Automotive Industry Association AMIA, who predicts that in 5 years they will be producing 4 million units -and replace Japan as the second-largest exporter of cars to the United States.


Widespread investor skepticism over GM-PSA’s deal

NEW YORK | General Motors and PSA Peugeot Citroën’s strategic pact announced Wednesday is meant to help both automakers squeeze $2 billion a year at their struggling European operations. The Detroit giant will acquire a 7% stake in French automaker PSA as part of a broad alliance that will include sharing vehicle architectures and pool the purchase of components. They will also cooperate in such areas as logistics and transportation to…