Half A Century Later, Cuba Authorises The Creation Of 32 Private Companies

According to El País today, the Cuban government has authorised the creation and operation of 32 private companies. Half a century after the nationalisation of all private businesses by Fidel Castro, micro, small and medium-sized private companies are once again operating in Cuba.On Wednesday, ten days after the law came into force and the first applications were submitted, the government approved the first 35 MSMEs, 32 of them private and…


Spain, Pending Cuba

“Cuba is not a democracy”, the Spanish Prime Minister replied when asked if Cuba is a dictatorship. The debate, in Spain, was sparked by a leader of UN Podemos, partners in Sánchez’s government, who denied that Cuba was a dictatorship. When asked, the new government spokeswoman, Isabel Rodriguez, declined to answer… Until Sánchez went off on a tangent, as he has done so many times before, claiming that “it is…

Urbas will build a tourist megacomplex in Cuba investing 3,500 M€

Urbas Will Build A Tourist Megacomplex in Cuba Investing 3,500 M€

After three years of negotiations with Cuban authorities, Spanish real estate Urbas has agreed to create a joint venture with CubaGolf, a company that depends on the Cuban Tourism Ministry, to build a tourism and residential complex in the Pasacaballos, to the south of the city of Cienfuegos, with a total investment of around 3.5 billion euros. The company is a classic among the small caps of the Spanish market. Year 2018 was the worst for Urbas since 2008 financial crisis outbreak.