Cyprus bailout


Cyprus bailout effects: Eurozone integration remains vulnerable

With the great amount of debate, chatter, and serious analysis about the EU’s financial rescue of Cyprus from insolvency and potential departure from the eurozone, many wonder if the EU policy emerging from the Cypriot “bail out” will have a lasting impact on the political and economic integration of the Europe. In John Sydney Hopkins view, the EU rescue of Cyprus will be seen as a milestone event with a lasting impact on the EU’s ability to manage the process of integration.

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Cyprus: Of course it’s a template!

LONDON | City-based fund manager Pawel Morski (pseudonym) believes the EU is recognising it is moving towards a new regime of bailing in banks. For a non-template, he points out, the Cyprus solution drops some cracking clues as to Brussels’ priorities.


Risk immunity leads to banking abuse

MADRID | Any economy, save for a Soviet one, is run under the healthy guiding rule that smart decisions are rewarded and wretched ones get penalised by the market.

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Not your fault, Cypriots? | By  | Greedy banks, the EU or Angela Merkel: The search for the culprit in Cyprus is running along the usual fault lines of the euro crisis. But do individuals not share in the responsibility for the mistakes of their society? That would mean the Cypriots would have to give up some of their savings deposits.

Cyprus bailout

Cypriot savers’ fault

LONDON | While the average German bank deposits have returned some $130 per $1,000 since 2008, the Cypriot figure almost doubles it. Yield information like this throws a very different light over what is happening this week in Cyprus.

Cyprus rescue

The Cyprus mess

MADRID | Was it necessary to impose such a hard medicine for a bail-out amounting to roughly €10 billion? The only plausible answer lies in the forthcoming German general elections bound to banish all common sense for future months.