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Equinix And Singapore Sovereign Wealth Fund To Build Two Data Centres In Madrid For €230 M

The construction of these facilities is part of an overall plan under which Equinix and GIC will increase their portfolio of xScale data centres with up to 32 new facilities for USD 6.9 billion (EUR 5.783 billion), according to a joint statement. The centres will be divided between Frankfurt (5), Paris (4), Dublin, Osaka, Sao Paulo and Tokyo (3 in each); Madrid and London (2); and Milan, Helsinki, Warsaw and Mexico City, with one data centre in each. Three more data centres will be added to this list and will be announced shortly.


Personal data isn’t the ‘new oil,’ it’s a way to manipulate capitalism

Kean Birch (The Conversation)| If it’s us, the individuals, who are the assets, then our reflexive understanding of this and its implications — in other words, the awareness that everything we do can be mined to target us with adverts and exploit us through personalized pricing or micro-transactions — means that we can, do and will knowingly alter the way we behave in a deliberate attempt to game capitalism too.