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The S&P500 Trades At 23.5 Times Earnings And So Much Euphoria Causes Vertigo

T.C | From today until Thursday, companies representing 40% of the S&P500 will present their results for the first quarter of this year. Alphabet and Microsoft today, Tuesday. Apple and Facebook on Wednesday, Amazon on Thursday… and expectations are very high indeed. For example, in the case of Apple, a 32% advance in profits is discounted, while in the case of Tesla, which presents on Tuesday, a +71% increase in both revenues and profits is expected.

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Corporate-Earnings Estimates For 2020 Are Likely To Be Revised Downwards. How Hard Could The S&P 500 Be Hit?

DWS | How bad could things get for corporate earnings, both in the U.S. and worldwide? In the face of a global health emergency, the short answer is that it remains hard to tell. Large parts of the world are under Covid-19 lockdown, delivering tremendous short-term shocks to the supply side and threatening to bring demand destruction on a massive scale. The disruptions will be comparable or worse than after September 11, 2001 and the onset of the financial crisis in 2008.

US equities shine despite war trade fears

US Equities Shine As Trade War Worries Grow

Global equities have held up fairly well in light of the generally negative news flow, entirely driven by the United States, where stocks are up 9.6% year to date, while the euro area, Japan and emerging markets have underperformed. In this context, the Research team from AXA IM points that earnings momentum remains “robust” with the second quarter earnings season posting “positive growth” and “surprising” on the upside across most major regions.

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Where Are New Earnings Coming From?

To have a closer look at where new money is coming from, Carax-Alphavalue focuses on Q3. They think the 2017 picture “is gaining certainty.” They also point that 2017 earnings should be up €101bn, which is the largest variation of the last 11 years excepting €170bn rebound in 2010.

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A Price Earnings-Ratio Of 15.5 For 2017 And Counting

CaraxAlphavalue | We held the view a year ago that 2016 would be difficult. It turned out to be wrong from summer 2016. Still, we repeatedly mentioned that the 2016 earnings delivery would not be as strong as anticipated from a recovery year after a disastrous 2015. Price earnings ratio ambitions started 2016 with a +12% hope. By early 2017, we are down to 7.5% on our coverage (469 stocks with a combined market cap of about €9tn).

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European earnings: 2Q 2014 the strongest since 1Q 2012

MADRID | The Corner | Now that the earnings season in Europe has finished, Morgan Stanley analysts point out that, excluding small caps, there are 4% more companies that have beaten estimates versus those that have missed them. Therefore, this last quarter has been the strongest since 1Q12. The IT and consumption sectors are those with the best results. Moreover, Europe comes back in the 2Q to the EPS growth (3.7% above the expectations) and the companies start to raise revenue guidance.

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European companies are now guiding earnings expectations upwards

MADRID | The Corner | One of the tactical indicators of Morgan Stanley, the “MTI” is giving a strong buy signal of European equities. In addition, outflows from Europe have been extreme. Thus, Morgan Stanley analysts expect the consensus to revise the benefits upwards from now on for the first time in 18 months. 

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Analysts show highest optimism rate about Spanish Ibex 35 since 2009

MADRID | By The Corner | The ratio of earnings revisions for the Spanish Ibex 35 is above one point for the first time since December 2009, which means that there are more market watchers revising upwards their expectations about the evolution of the corporate results within the index. On average, analysts’ consensus expects a growth in the corporate earnings close to 25%. However, experts at AFI forecast 15% increases in these results, which would boost the Spanish index by 10-15% thus ending 2014 around 11,500 points.

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Earnings season? Beware of the glitch!

All obvious events are treacherous animals: take for instance the understandable fact that publicly traded companies do their best for each earnings season to appear and sound as joyous as investors would have dreamt. The new accounting system of 2007, primarily based on international standards issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), raises target information to the category of the golden calf of the accounting rules. Among these parameters, professors Leandro…