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Juncker and Rajoy

OECD: “There are risks of persistent stagnation over the Eurozone”

BRUSSELS | March 5, 2015 | By Alexandre MatoWhen presenting its annual report, ‘Going for growth’ in Brussels, the Paris-based institution raised some doubts about the ongoing recovery in Europe. Structural, long-term unemployment and low productivity in some Member States are becoming the main economic issues of concern, with neither investment nor fiscal adjustments seen as the antidote.

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EU Growth: If Europe is the ‘avant garde’, we’re doomed!

SAO PAULO | By Marcus Nunes | A depressing quote: “A deeper, more worrying explanation is that Europe does not have a strong desire for growth. In fact, some have become convinced that, given the environmental consequences, economic growth does more harm than good and that the crisis should be regarded as an opportunity to shift to a more frugal economy.The growth agenda, according to this view, is a Trojan horse for ecological neglect – for example, through more business-friendly environmental regulation or shale-gas exploration.” (By French government’s Commissioner General for Policy Planning