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Nuclear energy in Spain

Labelling Of Nuclear Power As ‘Sustainable’ Under EU Taxonomy Will Benefit France

Scope Ratings ( Thomas Gillet) | The European Commission has started consultations on a draft text for labelling nuclear as a ‘green’ energy source under the EU’s taxonomy for environmentally sustainable activities. If the proposal is approved by the European Parliament and the Council, it would have positive credit implications for France (AA/Stable) given the importance of nuclear in the country’s power mix, climate plan and energy independence. The EU…

Nuclear energy in Spain

Spain Opposes, Together With Germany And Austria, The EU Proposal To Gas And Nuclear Energy As Renewable

Renta 4 | The European Union surprised with a new plan that would label some natural gas and nuclear energy projects as “green” investments after a year of debate among the different governments about which investments are really climate-friendly. Specifically, the Brussels text, still in draft form, includes nuclear power plants already in operation and those to be built at least until 2045, as well as gas-fired power plants, which will enjoy the same recognition until 2030.

EU Green Deal: Bold headlines, elusive impact

A Green Biased Recovery Fund

Morgan Stanley | The European Recovery Fund will not only benefit peripheral countries but also sustainable activities. In the end, this package will have an even greater green bias than initially expected: 30% of the funds will go towards climate investment compared to 25% in the initial proposal.