The Eurobond that will be

MADRID | STUTTGART |  JPMorgan analysts have a swift explanation: “The European Redemption Fund is the idea which would create a fund to which countries would transfer the excess of debt over 60% debt per GDP. In case of default of one of the countries, the remaining would take joint responsibility of the debt deposited in the fund. Countries would be required to allocate collateral for 20% of the nominal…

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JP Morgan looks at a leveraged EFSF Bank but sees a Eurobond

One would think it’s all rumours and half-baked drafts more akin to belong to a neverending script than to the global finances’ reality, but that doesn’t prevent financial institutions from making a serious effort to analyse possible and probable results of their implementation. JP Morgan says “The possibility that any important news/measure comes out of some of the many meetings/summits that are planned for the next week and a half,…