Fed and ECB


Fed Memo To The ECB: “My Rates, Your Problem”

Bruno Cavalier (Oddo BHF) | There are two types of central banks in the world. On the one hand, those who believe that the recent rate hike is widely justified. This is the case for the Fed, at least so far. On the other hand, those who think the opposite. This is the case of the ECB, which is exasperated to see European rates rising, not as a sign of a solid recovery, but because of the contagion of the US bond correction.

The Fed and the ECB remain predictable

Fed and ECB: Sticking to gradualism and predictability

Both the Fed and the ECB remained gradual and predictable  in their last week meetings as far as monetary policy is concerned. In opinion of Julius Baer, this prevented EUR/USD from taking a specific direction, “but monetary policy in the US and the eurozone are still diverging and justify a slightly stronger US dollar in the next month.”