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The Spanish bank warns The SEC about the effects of Brexit

Santander Will Not Have To Take Fed’s Qualitative Stress Test In 2017

Santander will not have to take the Fed’s qualitative stress test. From this year, only those banks with over $250 billion on their balance sheet. Its US holding has just $142 billion in assets. Not having to take the qualitative part of the test will increase Santander’s flexibility for implementing its plans to reward shareholders (dividends and/or share buybacks).

Santander US holding

Analysis: Fed delivers a scathing blow to Santander bank

MADRID | March 13, 2015 | By JP Marín ArreseThe quantitative test conducted under the Dodd-Frank Act showed a comfortable capital cushion for all eligible banks. Yet both Santander and Deustche Bank subsidiaries blatantly failed the qualitative review undertaken by the Fed under the Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR). In short, the banking supervisor considered their capital plans and risk management to be utterly inconsistent. It has delivered a damaging blow that should prompt swift action to redress such an appalling outcome. Santander has already announced a major overhaul in its US banking arm, but the Group as a whole badly needs to address its failures.