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Spain Attracted 28.785 Bn € In Foreign Investment In 2021, Up 17.7%, With Madrid Leading The Way

Spain has received during 2021 a total of 28.785 billion euros in foreign investment. The Community of Madrid is the region that leads in attracting funds from abroad, with 20.943 billion, 73% of the total, according to data revealed yesterday by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. These 28.785 billion euros that Spain has attracted in foreign investment in the year as a whole represent an increase of 17.7%…

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75% of Spanish debt goes to foreign hands

MADRID| By Julia Pastor | Spain rocked in debt markets on Tuesday, raising more than €40bn in public and corporate bonds, something that will hopefully underpin the excellent moment of peripheral sovereign debt. In fact, Italy announced a future issuance of 30-year syndicated bonds following the Spanish lead. International investors bought 73% of the Spanish indexed-inflation bonds and 90% and 83% of Telefonica and Bankia’s securities, respectively.

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Spanish housing market 180º turn

MADRID | By Julia Pastor | The wretched Spanish housing market has been giving timid but solid signs of recovery. Last data point to an investment increase of 60% to €4 bn which will mainly be led by international investors, as appraisers at Spanish Tinsa reported. Meanwhile, midcap Colonial symbolizes the falling as well as the revival of national property sector thanks to a new debt refinancing contract signed partly with sovereign funds and a capital increase entered by foreign investors.

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Spain Seeks Foreign Investment to Keep on Growing

MADRID | By The Corner Team | In order to ensure the consolidation of the recovery in the Spanish economy, all reforms and modifications should focus on boosting foreign investment in the country. After all, it has demonstrated to be a land of opportunities for smart investors.

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Chinese and Mexican rain of investments come to Spain

By Julia Pastor, in Madrid | China and Mexico made Spain’s day on Friday. Both countries announced several contracts with Spanish companies in very different sectors, injecting some movement in foreign investment flows into the lately much battered euro economy. While China signed agreements for an amount of €500 million, the Mexican oil company Pemex reported it will invest €247 million in Galicia’s naval sector. In his official trip to…

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Argentina meets reality after ‘vendetta’ against Repsol

BNP Paribas’ brokerage house Cortal Consors warned about market distrust and the contagion effect over the region after the Argentine government made the announcement this week of the nationalisation of Repsol’s subsidiary YPF. In Friday’s strategy note to investors, Cortal Consors analysts said market participants fear other countries in the Latin-America area could follow the aggressive policies of Argentina’s president Cristina Kirchner, who is since her re-election trying to stop capital outflows…

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The new and incredible ‘boom’ of the Spanish mining industry

By Julia Pastor, in Madrid | One year ago, the European Union approved a four-year extension from 2014 to 2018 for the loss-making coal mining sector subsidies, which affected some Spanish working mines.  Even though the Spain’s Secretary of State for the EU Diego López Garrido considered then “ it was good news for the whole of the Spanish mining industry, especially for coal mining,” the truth is that the…