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How Digitally Popular is Your Country?

Samantha North | The time is ripe for governments to start monitoring their digital reputation just as they monitor it in the real world. The Digital Country Index has been recently released for the first time. This new tool categorizes online search terms to form a picture of the world’s true levels of interest in countries.

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British tax havens will disclose evader information

By S. V. at VozPópuli | London has made an agreement with British tax havens such as Anguilla, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, Montserrat, Turks and Caicos so they will disclose name, address, date of birth, account number and transactions details of people with accounts in their territories. Then the UK will then send this information to Spain, France, Germany and Italy.


G8 leaders push Merkel into the growth strategy

NEW YORK | There was a final statement, yet not a consensus about how to tackle the euro zone turmoil. Everyone in Camp David hoped that Greece will remain in the euro. For the first time, the argument that Europe cannot face more spending cuts gained widespread support. G8’s final communiqué showed a big push to German Chancellor Angela Merkel: it is urgent to bring deficits down through austerity measures…

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Weekend ongoing coverage (1) | G8’s Camp David: austerians vs growthers

NEW YORK | In the idyllic setting of the Catoctin Mountains of Maryland 63 miles from the White House, world leaders gathered on Friday for the G8 summit. This time, the agenda has real economic substance. Will the intimacy of the lodges in the wilderness help to solve the eurodrama? The pressure is expected to be high on Mrs Merkel. She is the only one representing the “austerians” versus the…