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Asia Reduces Its Demand For Gas And Boosts European Supplies

Juan Antonio Martínez & Leonardo Gago (ASE Group) | More liquefied natural gas (LNG) is arriving at European ports and has lowered the daily price and that of immediate short-term gas products at the Dutch TTF. For the time being, the increase in LNG imports is offsetting the strain on Russian supply. In Q1 2022, Russian exports to the EU had fallen by 35% compared to the 2016-2021 average for…

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Spain And Portugal Reach Political Agreement With Brussels To Temporarily Limit Gas Prices To 50 €/MWh

Spain and Portugal announced Tuesday that they have reached an agreement with the European Commission (EC) to limit the impact of gas in the formation of electricity market prices. Spain and Portugal announced the agreement after holding a meeting in Brussels with the Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for Competition, Margethe Vestager, after the European Council approved in March an “Iberian exception” so that these two countries could prevent…

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Green religion means expensive gas prices

Why has gas prices in Europe escalated up so much more than in the US? Why should taxpayers fill the gap when politicians play with green magic that turns unaffordable? Renewable energy sounds right but costs should be explained.