Britain Walks Back Commitment to Gibraltar

Nick Ottens (Atlantic Sentinel) | It agreed to put Gibraltar in the Schengen Area to avoid the need for border controls… Did the British not read the fine print when they signed their Brexit deals? Not only do they regret agreeing to a lay a customs border down the Irish Sea to avoid the need for passport checks and inspections of goods on the Ireland-Northern Ireland border; they also have…

What Gibraltar matters to the Spanish

What Gibraltar Matters To The Spanish

Miguel Navascués | Theresa May has categorically denied Pedro Sánchez’  illusions over Gibraltar and co-sovereignty which he wanted to sell us. May has said that “Spain has gained nothing of what it sought over Gibraltar”, compared to Sánchez’ claim that “there has been an historic agreement” in relation to co-sovereignty. I don´t believe this issue matters in the slightest to Spaniards.


Will China Take Spain’s Side in Dispute Over Gibraltar?

Andy Mok via Caixin |  President Xi Jinping’s visit to Spain on his way to Buenos Aires at the end of this month will result in the usual and necessary flurry of declarations about strengthening bilateral relations centered on trade as well as discussions on how Spain might support China’s diplomatic initiatives in the EU.


A Solution For Gibraltar Among All Threats: A “Blurred” Sovereignity

The almost unanimous wish of the Gibraltarians to remain in the UE makes it difficult for them to fit into Brexit. There are proposals which will benefit everyone, and are far removed from the threats. The Real Instituto Elcano proposes following the models of Andorra and the Islands of Man, Jersey and Guernsey.

spain's anti-brexit machinery

Spain Government Is Greasing Its Anti-Brexit Machinery

The country which tried to invade England in 1588 may become its best ally. After the 28 European partners held their Summit in Malta at the beginning of February, this was the Bloomberg headline regarding the relations between Madrid and London during the Brexit negotiations. But the question of Gibraltar remains a thorny one.

money gibraltar

Gibraltar’s Dep PM: “No contraband or money laundering, only tourism”

BRUSSELS | By Jacobo de RegoyosReports several months ago claimed that smuggling and money laundering were on the rise in Gibraltar. In an exclusive interview with The Corner, Gibraltar´s Deputy Chief Minister, Joseph Garcia, makes an impassioned defence of the territory´s record, claiming that the measures in place to combat such problems are among the strongest in Europe. He also laments the deterioration of relations with the Spanish Government and calls for a reopening of diplomatic channels. 

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The shortest summer of Mr Rajoy is over

MADRID | By J.P. Marín Arrese | The Spanish PM has a hot agenda for the rentrée. Not only Mr Rajoy has to deal with the corruption scandal of his party but also with UK over Gibraltar’s dispute. The good news is that Spanish bonds yield is pretty low and giving Madrid some fresh air to reduce the deficit, still very high.