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Morgan Stanley’s Global Inflation Surprise Index Enters Positive Territory For The First Time In Two Years

Our strategists have identified a list of European companies with the best and worst pricing dynamics, which is a good way to play reflation. This is in line with our estimates which keep unchanged the narrative that global growth and inflation will surprise on the upside this year, even more strongly, as the global inflation surprise index has entered positive territory for the first time in two years. Moreover, the index is at 10-year highs for the US, while leading indicators point to further rallies on the way.

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Global Central Banks Put Monetary Policy Normalisation Plans On The Table

J.L. M. Campuzano (Spanish Banking Association) | The global central banks are putting their plans for monetary normalisation on the table. But they also recognise that inflation risks are contained in the short-term. That means they have a margin of time to proceed with monetary normalisation in a cautious and patient way.

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Are You Worried About Inflation? All Eyes On Fed Meeting

J.L.M. Campuzano (Spanish Banking Association) | Many argue that the conditions are not there for an uptick in inflation on a global scale. Well, that’s true: weak world growth, globalisation and a still negative output-gap in many developed countries (and emerging ones). But are we not being carried away to some extent by the disinflation inertia of the last few years? All eyes will be on the US Fed’s decision on interest rates and its forward guidance at this week’s meeting.

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Global Inflation: Festive Cheer… In The New Year

BARCLAYS | We expect the turn of the calendar to bring a brighter tone to the TIPS market as many of the headwinds from 2015 begin to fade. The carry outlook should be positive after February, y/y headline CPI should move up sharply and concerns over a monetary policy error have receded with

the Fed’s dovish hike.