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Each Country For Itself

Growth has made a comeback but each country already wants to take its own path. As explained by Philippe Waechter, Chief Economist of Ostrum AM, “unity is no longer on the cards and the world economy is fast going down a very different road”.

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Global recovery: The clock is ticking for risk assets

LONDON | Barclays analysts | The global recovery remained modest in 2013, inflation was somewhat lower than expected, and monetary policy in the developed countries became even more supportive. While these fundamentals would normally suggest that bonds would outperform stocks, the opposite occurred, and in a very big way: bond prices plunged and equity prices soared.

Global recovery

A three-speed global recovery

BARCELONA | By CaixaBank analysts | There are still a large number of medium-term risks for a global recovery: the absence of credible fiscal consolidation plans in the United States and Japan is one of them.