“More Analysis of Stocks is Needed if We Want Alternative Sources of Financing to Banks”

Fernando Rodriguez | Daniel Lozano, Director of Investor Relations and Communications at Grenergy, was the winner in the rising star category at the IR Magazine awards – Europe 2020. Lozano began his career as a financial analyst at Abengoa and was part of the teams that helped MasMovil and more recently Genergy, whose team he led, to move from MAB -now BME Growth- to the Continuous Market; so far, the only companies to do so.

Rocío Hortigüela

“In The International Arbitrations, The Spanish Regulator Agreed With The Electricity Oligopoly’s Arguments”

Mari Pinardo | Rocío Hortigüela, member of Grenergy’s Board of Directors, explains that a “healthy struggle” between the regulator and the regulated is natural. “But when the forces can be unbalanced in certain situations of crisis or misgovernment, we need to rely on a truly independent and agile judicial system to put things back in order,” she adds. “Unfortunately, in Spain’s case, when these imbalances have occurred in recent history, the judicial system has proved to be neither agile nor independent,” says.