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IAG, with biggest share of slots, to benefit most from Heathrow’s lower charges

Intermoney | The UK’s airport regulator decided on Wednesday that Heathrow’s airport charges should be lowered because passenger numbers have recovered faster than expected. In 2021, Heathrow was given permission to increase passenger charges for airlines from £19.60 to £30.19 by summer 2022 and the average passenger charge for 2023 is £31.57. This should fall to £25.43 in 2024 and remain flat until the end of 2026. Heathrow wanted charges…

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Overall solid results support our valuation of >2 M€ of Heathrow in Ferrovial’s capital

Morgan Stanley | Heathrow (C.8% of the value of Ferrovial (FER)) beat expectations in terms of revenues and costs in Q1’22. In light of an acceleration in the recovery during March/Easter, and a good outlook for airline capacity this summer, management has upgraded its previously conservative guidance for FY’22 by 16% (45.5 million people → 52.8m). It maintains its traditional cautious view with regard to the outlook for Autumn/Winter. The establishment…