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BNP Paribas expects Spanish house prices lower than in audits’ base scenario

can you refinance mortgage with bad credit A drop of merely 10 percent in house prices between 2012 and 2014? BNP Paribas believes trends in Ireland and the US make the case for further value losses in Spain. Independent auditors of the Spanish banking sector Oliver Wyman and Roland Berger described their base scenario for the country's housing market in line with the International Monetary Fund's forecasts, and pointed at…


Anybody interested in Spanish coast bargains at 70% reduced prices?

By Álvaro Mohorte, in Valencia | | Spanish banks have had enough of bricks and mortar, and urgently need to sell properties. Up until now, prices of many of the properties coming from developers as well as individuals have been kept over the market’s in order to protect the entitities’ balances, but requirements of further provisions have forced a strategy change. The goal is to get rid of thousands of flats, apartments…

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UK house prices are going… up

LONDON | This is what happens when the size of your construction sector remains under the 10 percent per GDP level, and the cost of credit for the State and the country’s banking sector is mild enough as to allow a slow deleverage process. The Nationwide house price index reported Thursday that UK house prices edge up by 0.3% in May. Over the last eighteen months, house prices have been remarkably stable…