Over 40,000 flights suspended as airline sector reviews the whole summer; bad news for IAG

Intermoney | The lack of personnel and strikes are leading to the suspension of over 40,000 operations out of those forecast for Europe over the summer months (25,000 alone between British Airways, Easyjet and Lufthansa). They are also provoking innumerable delays and problems with luggage. The fast increase in demand has been mixed with both the airlines and the airports’ difficulties’ in recovering the volume of their workforces which decreased…

Air Europa

Air Europa will shortly receive the €100 loan from Iberia (IAG), convertible to 20% of its capital

Intermoney | The chairman of Iberia, Javier Sánchez-Prieto, has confirmed that Globalia already has the green light from SEPI, controlled by the Finance Ministry, and the banking syndicate led by Santander, for the 100 million euros loan convertible into shares with which to buy 20% of Air Europa. The deal was forged in March and is a first step towards the full acquisition of Air Europa. That said, it is…


The offer on scheduled seats for this summer in Spain will reach pre-Covid levels: good news for IAG, which could return to profits in Q2’22

Intermoney | La Asociación de Líneas Aéreas (ALA), the leading organisation in the sector in Spain with 85% of air traffic, announced its forecasts for this summer on Thursday. And the figures for the summer season fuel a moderate optimism. Although a recovery in the sector is not expected until at least 2023, the estimated scheduling for this summer season reaches figures which are very close to those of pre-pandemic…

IAG stil commited to accord with Globalia

IAG reiterates its commitment to analysing alternative options with Globalia “which could bring significant benefits”

Link Securities | The CEO of IAG, Luis Gallego, has insisted that they are looking for “alternative agreements” to be able to go ahead with the purchase of Air Europa. The operation has recently been on the back burner, according to last Thursday’s elEconomista.es. We should recall that Iberia’s parent company and Globalia, the owner of Air Europa, gave themselves to end-January as a deadline to evaluate other structures which…


Iberia Shelves Air Europa Takeover And Notifies Brussels

Iberia’s withdrawal of the memorandum of understanding in which the airline anticipated the conditions that could be imposed by the European Commission to approve the operation, makes it practically impossible to get the go-ahead from Brussels. As José Hervás explains today in Capital Madrid: “In the last two weeks there has been a 180-degree turn in the negotiations between the airline Iberia, the IAG group and the European Commission regarding…

Spain confronts Brexit: The moment of truth for Spanish companies in the UK

IAG: British Travellers To Spain Increase By 400%

According to Renta 4 analysts, bookings by British citizens to fly to Spain have increased by 400%. This is since the UK government announced the removal of the quarantine requirement on return to the country for those travelling to amber zones, including Spain, as of yesterday. AENA had 489 operations scheduled for yesterday between Spain and the UK, three times more than a week ago. Meanwhile, the newspaper Expansión reports…


IAG, One Of The Big Winners Of The Crisis Thanks To Its Financial Strength And Management

Renta 4 | This year we will see a deterioration in the airline business never before seen in the sector. We expect IAG to cut air traffic capacity by 48% compared to 2019, and by quarters (-10.5% annually already confirmed in Q1/-90% estimated in Q2/ and between -55%/-30% estimated in Q3). Nevertheless IAG is one of the companies with the highest liquidity (€10 Bn), the best operating margins and the lowest debt. The acquisition of Air Europa, with a possible improvement of the conditions, is an additional advantage.