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Falls to go on in Greek banks after Tsipras’ new government announcement

MADRID | By Sean Duffy | Investors are expecting continued falls in the value of Greek bank shares and indeed the value of the Athens stock exchange. That is due to the fact that the new Government of Alexis Tsipras appears to be on a collision course with the country’s creditors, something that may spook investors in the weeks ahead should agreement not be forthcoming.

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Bish, bash, bosh: the latest from Bankia

MADRID | Bankia shares seem to have become a toy amid high volatility on the Madrid stock market index Ibex35. This week so far the entity suffered a -16.08 percent loss of price in two consecutive sessions, after the State fund for banking restructuring FROB announced that stockholders will be partially shouldering, too, the costs of the rescue of the bank with taxpayer money. Banco de Valencia stock fell by -23.8…

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Spanish three-month ban on short sales disappoints analysts

Some investors sell shares that they don’t actually hold but borrow under the expectation that prices will fall. If they are right, when they buy back, the stock comes at a cheaper cost than the amount they were paid for those same shares and so sellers can pocket the difference as a profit. A day after the Spanish financial regulator CNMV ruled a full suppression of these short selling practices over…

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Ibex35 non-financial companies hoard €40 billion in cash, cash equivalents

MADRID | Large Madrid-listed non-financial firms accumulate cash positions at year-end record, as data released Monday showed. A study by El País over the consolidated balance sheets of the 26 Spanish non-financial companies on the Ibex 35 unveiled that the corporations closed last year with €21.827 billion in cash and €18.344 billion more in cash equivalents. In total, €40.171 billion, to which it must be added undrawn credit lines. Spain’s most creditworthy companies,…

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Ibex35: CaixaBank

We will analyze the financial situation of CaixaBank after its re-organization, its results, assessment and prospects to determine whether this is an interesting investment opportunity in the long-term. Company Description CaixaBank was founded after the re-organization of La Caixa business, approved on 24th February by both Criteria’s and Caixa’s boards. The process ended on July 1st with the disappearance of Criteria, which had been the holding of the subsidiary of…