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Today’s market chatter in Spain (focused on Inditex)

MADRID | By Jaime Santisteban | Inditex is pushing Spanish Ibex 35 upwards today as its growth reaches maturity stage. The owner of Zara is working to reduce operative costs. However, its shareholders will get a 10% higher dividend. Bankinter considers the Spanish firm results to be somewhat weak. Euro’s strengh, slow domestic recovery, emerging countries slowdown could explain such underperformance. 


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H&M Gaining Ground Over Inditex Zara?

MADRID | By Tania Suárez | Spanish company Inditex –Zara’s group and the world’s largest clothes retailer- published its first semester fiscal year results on Wednesday. After years of amazing performance, the firm seems to be losing market – it posted a 6% rise in sales to €7.7 billion, compared with a 17% rise in the same period last year.


Inditex strikes again: 32pc net profit growth

The Spanish Group approached the €1 billion net profit mark in the first six months of the year, surpassing analysts expectations. Although growth comes from non-domestic demand, investment in Spain will reach €450 million.


Esprit picks former Inditex director José Manuel Martínez as new CEO

Esprit Holdings Limited on Tuesday announced the appointment of José Manuel Martínez Gutiérrez as its new group chief executive officer and executive director. Martínez will effectively be seating at his new desk by October 2012. The language used by Esprit to inform about the move spoke of the tall hopes the retail company has deposited on Martínez’ shoulders: “We are delighted that Mr. Martínez, a professional with a wealth of…

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Inditex opens logistics expansion in Spain with €150 million investment

MADRID | Inditex announced this week it signed a letter of intent for the acquisition of 300,000 square metres in Cabanillas, Guadalajara (Spain) in order to expand its logistics capacity. The project is set within the plans of the group’s investment in its facilities in Spain detailed by the chairman Pablo Isla during the general meeting of shareholders held on July 17. Initially, a 70,000 square metre platform for logistics activities is…