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Fast Growth Helps South Korea Move Beyond Delta Concerns To Tackle Debt

Trinh D. Nguyen (Natixis) | Governor Lee pulled the trigger and delivered the first interest rate hike in Asia to take the policy rate to 0.75% from 0.5%, while the rest of the region is still reeling from Covid-19 suppressions. The decision signifies South Korea’s strength in making a rapid recovery – from exports that grew 41%YoY in the first 20 days of August to accelerating retail sales to 13%YoY…

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In a Post- Obama World

Jarno Lang | Obama is not only a pop-cultural phenomenon, but also a pragmatic leader. His successor will have to deal with a worldwide net of dependencies.

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Asia Rising: A New Competitive Landscape

By Ray Kwong  | Broad strokes, when you’re talking about the 21st century possibly becoming the Asian Century, one thing becomes crystal clear: it’s not preordained and it’s not just all about China. With its varied cultures and emphasis on education, self-reliance and upward mobility, Asia may overtake the West as the world’s economic engine.

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Reading the tea leaves of Apple-Samsung’s battle

Apple-Samsung war is far from over. Steve Job’s company got what it wanted from the jury -more than $1 billion- but it’s still fighting to get a ban on eight models of the South Korean company’s smartphones, including its Galaxy S devices. This is how the two giants, which once played as friendly competitors, have reacted: Apple: “The mountain of evidence presented during the trail showed that Samsung’s copying went…