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ERC and Junts demand transfer of supervision of La Caixa Foundation, with major holdings in Ibex35, to Generalitat

Link Securities| The pro-independence bloc formed by ERC and Junts demands the transfer to the Generalitat of the supervision and oversight of the La Caixa Foundation, which now depends on the Ministry of Economy, according to financial sources informed the digital newspaper VozPópuli. This is a strategic move for Catalonia, as the Foundation has major holdings in the Ibex-35 index. Through Criteria, its investment arm, it is the largest shareholder…


Catalonia exit: a financially doomed move

MADRID | By J. P. Marín Arrese | Water and power supply would be secured should Catalonia become an independent nation. That’s the only reassuring conclusion the economic think tank set up by the regional government has recently reached. On handling monetary and financial issues, it points to severe problems ahead. 

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Loyal to its initial spirit, La Caixa becomes a foundation

MADRID | By Fernando G. Urbaneja | A Council of 15 members with different sensibilities, experiences, but solid and with personality. The new La Caixa Foundation maintains the character of the old savings bank, and is committed to professional and political independence. A delicate and subtle game of checks and balances.

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Telefónica Ventures starts investing in Spain joined by La Caixa

MADRID | Telefónica Ventures and Caixa Capital TIC, a specialised digital technology fund of La Caixa, announced Tuesday its first investment. The joint platform will inject €3 million in addFleet, a company specialised in intelligent systems for transportation. The investment in addFleet is the first by Telefónica Ventures in Spain after having completed similar operations in other international technology companies such as Quantenna, Joyent and Boku. Telefónica and La Caixa said the plan is to promote the…

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La Caixa, first in Europe to commercially roll out a mobile real payment system

LONDON | La Caixa’s NFC mobile payments system, the first in Europe to have a large-scale roll out with real users, gained the entity the Banking Technology prize in London, which recognises the best international mobile banking initiative. La Caixa currently has the most extensive mobile payment infrastructure in Europe, covering the entirety of the Balearic Islands and parts of Catalonia. The bank has pioneered the commercial use of mobile payments with…

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Spanish banks wonder: what Italian domino effect?

Spain’s banking sector rejected with some simple data at hand the domino-effect buzz renewed after Italian sovereign bonds were hit on Tuesday by a Standard&Poor’s downgrade. In fact, the only Spanish banks with Italian debt are BBVA and La Caixa. This comment comes from Ahorro Corporación Financiera analysts in Madrid: “In the early hours of the morning, ratings agency S&P reduced the rating of Italy’s sovereign debt from A +…