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Liberbank And Unicaja Resume Merger Talks To Create 5th Largest Spanish Bank By Assets

In February, Liberbank and Unicaja concluded possible merger contacts after failing to reach an agreement about the likely distribution of the shares of the new entity, but now the integration of both banks would give rise to the fifth lender in Spain in terms of asset volume, with €98.6 Bn (€56.7 Bn Unicaja and 41.95 Bn Liberbank). Net profit would reach €102 M in H1’20 (€61 M UNI and €41 M LBK). The new bank would have a network of 1,607 branches (1,028 UNI and 579 LBK) and 9,942 employees (6,274 UNI and 3,668 respectively). 

Liberbank and Unicaja end merger talks

Liberbank And Unicaja End Merger Talks

After five months of negotiations, Unicaja and Liberbank have decided not to merge and to continue apart. Liberbank has announced that its Board has concluded that the contacts with Unicaja on a possible merger are over after not being able to reach agreement on the share of shares in the new entity.