Mediaset: TV advertising market will fall -3% vs previous -1.5%

Renta 4 | Mediaset España has issued a communiqué on its results for July and August, again characterised by cost flexibility (savings of almost 20 million euros because of the absence of the world cup) and the reinforcement of incomes not depending on conventional ads.

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Mediaset Q219: better results than expected, but almost 6% fall in advertising revenues

The Spanish media company published its results for the first half and second quarter of 2019. The principle figures compared with the Bloomberg consensus are: Income 256.4 M€ (-7.9%) vs 253€ estimated; EBITDA 92.7 M€ (+0.8%) vs 87.3 M€ estimated; EBITDA margin 36.1% (vs previous 33.0%); EBIT 87.7 M€ (-1.2%) vs 84.3 M€ estimated; EBIT margin 34.2% (vs previous 31.9%); NAP 74.3 M€ (+3.1%) vs 65.9 M€ estimated and EPS 0.24€ (+9.0%) vs 0.18€ estimated.

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Market chatter: T-bills auction time!

MADRID | By Jaime Santisteban | Time for EU peripherals’ sovereign debt auctions: Spain, Italy, Ireland and most importantly, Greece, which is back on the market after 4 years. Note that the successful Greek sale pushed down the yields of its neighbors. Besides, Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund has become shareholder of Colonial, following the steps of big finance firms like Fidelity that recently renewed their bet for Spanish listed companies and volatile real estate. Colonial rose by 14.3 % at the closing bell.