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ABS drive, to the point

MADRID | The Corner | Mario Draghi will finally reveal the details of the private debt purchases program on Thursday. Markets take for granted that he will continue feeding expectations that he is willing to do more if necessary. The ECB’s President is however not likely to announce the acquisition of retained ABS, nor to include the so-called mezzanine tranches. As for the rumours about Mr Draghi pushing the ECB to eventually buy bundles of Greek and Cypriot bank loans with “junk” ratings, our readers should note that those tranches would be senior, and in very small amounts. However, “symbolically is an important issue about what they are willing to do,” JPMorgan analysts pointed out on Wednesday.



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Elevator QE

SAO PAULO | Marcus Nune’s Historinhas- Guest Post by Benjamin Cole | If you ever farted loudly on a crowded elevator, then you know the reaction of most economists to the idea that national debts should be monetized through central bank quantitative easing (QE), aka “printing money.”