North Korea

Trump Kim Summit aimed at mid-term elections

After Singapore, Europeans Must Take Responsibility For Their Own Future

Shaun Riordan | Trump’s behaviour at the Singapore Summit with Kim Jung Un has little to do with foreign policy, or indeed North Korea. Like his attacks on allies at the G7 Summit last week, it is aimed at the mid-term elections for Congress. Long-time US allies count for little compared to Trump’s domestic political needs. Europe must take responsibility for its own future.

CUS China trade conflict

As Global Power Shifts, U.S. Must Win Beijing’s Cooperation

David M. Lampton via Caixin | The U.S.–China relationship is fraught with problems and will be for the foreseeable future. The U.S. is no longer positioned to compel cooperation from China. Any policy changes from Beijing must be negotiated, and within this negotiation Washington must seek a balance of power and interests.