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Black Spanish olives could lose practically the entire US market

Total European Olive Oil Sector Production Could Rise +7% Compared To 2021

Intermoney | Italy starts the spring season affected by drought in the northern part of the country and higher than expected temperatures during the winter months. Authorities estimate a water deficit between 50%-90% compared to 2021, with particular declines in the Piedmont and Veneto regions. The Po river has suffered falls of more than three meters in certain points, which, together with the distortion caused by the unseasonal heat to…

Black Spanish olives could lose practically the entire US market

Spain Exceeds 1 Million Tons Of Olive Oil In 2021

Intermoney | The Spanish olive oil sector closes 2021 with positive figures above 1.2mn tons of oil produced, supported by a year without adverse weather phenomena that could damage the olive fields, according to data from the Small Farmers and Stockbreeders Union. Currently, the harvest is at 70% over 867,000 tons in Spain, with production reaching 530,000 tons in December 2021 alone (+14% vs. Dec20).

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Challenges For Europe’s Olive Oil Producers Continue To Stack Up

European Views | The third European conference on Xylella Fastidiosa last month brought together scientists from more than 60 countries to address the disease that become an existential threat to olive trees across the continent and to the European olive oil sector, which generates more than €5 billion a year and represents 67% of the world’s supply. This fatal plant disease, which hit particularly hard during 2020, tops off what…