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On gender equality

UGT Union’s No 2 Against Women Taking Leave Due to Painful Periods : “It Does A Disservice To Women”.

The deputy secretary of the UGT union, Cristina Antoñanzas, warns that women can be stigmatised when it comes to opting for a contract.The deputy secretary general of the UGT trade union, Cristina Antoñanzas, expressed her criticism on Wednesday of the draft Abortion Law promoted by the Minister for Equality, Irene Montero. The Council of Ministers will probably approve the draft law next Tuesday to begin its parliamentary processing. Cristina Antoñanzas…


Ione Belarra Wins Podemos Succession”Bulgarian Style”

The Minister for Social Rights, Ione Belarra, has been elected as the new secretary general of Podemos, replacing Pablo Iglesias, with 88.69 percent of the votes cast in the party’s primaries. Of the 139,000 registered Podemos members with the right to vote in the IV Citizens’ Assembly held in Alcorcón (Madrid), 53,443 took part in the vote, of whom 45,753 opted for Belarra. Belarra competed with two other aspirants for…


Can Podemos Govern Spain?

In January 2014, dozens of people got together in the Teatro del Barrio in Lavapies, (in the centre of Madrid), to form a political party to participate in the European Parliament elections to be held in May of that year. They needed 50,000 signatures to formalise their candidacy. Within in few days, they had the signatures and the embrio of what is now (920 days later) PODEMOS was born