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Cellnex, Viscofan replace family-owned builders Sacyr, OHL in Ibex 35

Newcomer to the stock exchange, Cellnex (a subsidiary of Abertis in the business of telecommunications networks) and oldtimer Viscofan (which manufactures cellulose wrapping for the food sector) will substitute two new generation construction companies (Sacyr and OHL). Both of these firms are controlled either by families or professionals.


“Panama Canal Project Is Likely World Leader In Technology, Innovation”

After straightening out the disputes with the Panamanian authorities over the costs related to the Canal works, Sacyr will finally inaugurate it in June. Board member Juan Maria Aguirre points out that the company has succeeded in overcoming the property crash and has drastically reduced its debt levels. Now it has to contend with the unexpected consequences of having an 8.5% stake in Repsol after the oil price bubble burst.


Slim, Or The Art Of Buying At Bargain Prices

F. Barciela / F.G. Ljubetic | The bios about Carlos Slim, the third richest man in the world according to Forbes, are very clear about the origins of his fortune. He made the most of his money during the peso crisis by acquiring several blocks of shares in the biggest Mexican companies at a bargain prices. This is how he will acquire FCC, one of the biggest Spanish construction firms, for just…7.6 euros per share.

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Today’s market chatter in Spain: Itinere, Abengoa, Inditex, and much more

MADRID | By Jaime Santisteban | Spanish Ibex 35 welcomes the week over 10,500 points. “Ukraine showdown and macro numbers will hatch investors’ attention,” Link experts point out. Bankia analysts “see the positive influence of Chinese government statement about share, bond and raw material markets supporting measures. Markets also await remaining corporate results and European countries inflation.” Last week’s Mr Draghi’s words were crucial to stop euro appreciation- the currency is likely to keep going down.

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Almirall, Campofrío and Sacyr, the most recommended values in the Spanish market

MADRID | By Jaime Santisteban | Almirall, Campofrío and Sacyr are the most recommended values in the Spanish market, according the market consensus. Repsol turned down the offer to renew its two seats in the YPF ‘s board on Tuesday, and fixed its eyes in Norway instead. Also, unemployment in Spain reportedly dropped by 111,565 people in April. “Although this means a turning point in the Spanish economic recovery, the country remains in the deep well,” The Corner senior analyst Fernando G. Urbaneja explains. 

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Today’s market chatter in Spain

MADRID | By Jaime Santisteban | What’s happening with the tech bubble and why it’s spreading to other sectors; the future of renewable energies and how cuts will harm utilities and much more. Oh, and Greece could be back in the bonds market this week…

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Sacyr and Panama Canal Row Gives Nationalists Some Ammunition

LATAM CORRESPONDENT David Brunat | Across the Panamanian media political pundits are praising the firmness of their government in this dispute, blaming the GUPC and particularly Spanish firm Sacyr for the standoff and for putting Panama on the brink. The pulse has turned into a nationalistic claim and now foreign companies are being accused of misbehaving in Panama.

Sacyr and Panama make peace at last

MADRID | By Julia Pastor | It has been a long process plenty of gives and takes but Spanish company Sacyr and Panama Canal authority have agreed in principle over works’ finalisation at the inland waterway that connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. The pre-deal is a cocktail mixing proposals of one side and the other: converting the $400 million insurance into a loan to enable the firm obtain external funds, and also an equally divided contribution of $100 million on each part. Furthermore, Panamian administrator will allow GUPC to postpone the repayment of $780 million anticipated in the contract. The international arbitration on $1,600 million in overun costs will continue parallel to project’s termination.