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Reading the tea leaves of Apple-Samsung’s battle

Apple-Samsung war is far from over. Steve Job’s company got what it wanted from the jury -more than $1 billion- but it’s still fighting to get a ban on eight models of the South Korean company’s smartphones, including its Galaxy S devices. This is how the two giants, which once played as friendly competitors, have reacted: Apple: “The mountain of evidence presented during the trail showed that Samsung’s copying went…

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Samsung joins Telefonica in hunt for multinational customers

MADRID | Telefonica Global Solutions and Samsung begin Wednesday a partnership agreement to support enhanced end to end service delivery to multinational customers globally. The agreement, the Spanish company said, leverages the core competences and leading market positions of both Telefonica, in global digital and communication services and Samsung, in electronics and cutting edge technology, to bring to the multinational market a differential partnership designed to deliver innovative new services. The agreement sets how Telefonica and Samsung will from today…

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Who pays the price in the smartphone market fight

NEW YORK | It is a battle that started about two years ago. Samsung and Apple’s endless dispute over intellectual property arrives to court this Monday in California. Together the two companies account for more than 50 percent of all the world’s smartphone sales. A jury will have to determine if any of them has infringed copyright laws against the other. On one side of the ring, Apple, that filed…