Risk immunity leads to banking abuse

MADRID | Any economy, save for a Soviet one, is run under the healthy guiding rule that smart decisions are rewarded and wretched ones get penalised by the market.

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The majority of Repsol shareholders opt to be paid dividend in shares

MADRID | A total 63.64% of Repsol shareholders opted to be paid the final dividend from 2011 earnings in shares, the Spanish company reported Friday. This is the first time that Repsol has opted for a flexible dividend which allowed shareholders to choose between newly-issued shares or a cash dividend through the sale to the company of free allocation rights. These results reflect shareholder’s interest in the company’s 

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Historical rebuke of “obscene” executive compensation in Wall Street

NEW YORK | Because “there’s good pay and there’s obscene pay”. That’s why Brian Wenzinger, who manages more than 5 million shares of Citigroup, voted against the $15 million pay package for chief executive Vikram S. Pandit, says the New York Times. Like his firm, 55 percent of the bank shareholders rejected the company’s pay plan on Tuesday, marking the first time in Wall Street history that stock owners rebuke…


Apple opens its war chest: isn’t it what they are supposed to do?

NEW YORK | You may have been subjected to all the hyperbolic coverage of Apple. You may already be fed up with all those free advertisement in the mass media whenever Apple puts their new gadget in the market; irritated by the lack of respect for labour rights of its providers, like the now infamous Foxconn. You might be feeling all that-  although you will soon forget about it if…