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Ireland considers setting up sovereign wealth fund based on multinationals’ tax payments

Intermoney: Interesting news from Ireland is that the government is considering setting up a sovereign wealth fund to channel some of the tax revenues it is receiving from the many multinational companies based in the country. This would be an effort to strengthen public finances in the future, when annual revenues may be less reliable than they are now. The country has seen a significant increase in tax revenues since…

Norway wealth fund

Sovereign Wealth Funds Focus on Technology and Life Sciences

In the increasingly complex choreography of the world economy, sovereign wealth funds (SWF) play an ever more important role due to their capacity to channel large volumes of savings toward in- vestment and hence boost economic growth. This role is analyzed in depth in the study on sovereign funds, a joint project between ICEX-Invest in Spain and IE University, and which has become a leading instrument of analysis for the institutional investment industry worldwide.