The “Yolanda effect”: labour inspectors strike for the first time in their history

The Labour Inspectorate has been the latest collective to join the protests of public employees – those of employees of Social Security, the Public Employment Service, the Tax Agency, the Health Service, the lawyers of the Justice Department… -The government has failed to comply with the agreement signed in July 2021, in which it promised to solve the serious staff shortages and the lack of professional careers in the agency….


The strike of self-employed hauliers has begun

Finally there will be a strike by the hauliers’ employers. This Monday 14 November, from midnight, the Platform for the Defence of the Road Freight Transport Sector intends to bring the country to a standstill, just as it did for 20 days in March. And it is doing so on the eve of Black Friday and the Christmas campaign. To begin with, it has very little support and a great…


Truck drivers’ strike Threatens To Collapse Spanish Economy

El Mundo headlines today: “The transport strike is overwhelming the government and putting the country’s supply chain in check”. “The government no longer supports the right to strike and calls the transport workers ‘radicals’”, underlines El Español. “The socialist law of pickets turns against the government in the radical transport strike” recalls the digital newspaper… ArcelorMittal and Azucarera have decided to stop production. The dairy, steel and fishing industries…

A ‘Hot’ End To The Year In Spain: The Countryside, The Car Industry And Transport On The ‘Warpath’

The Government is facing a ‘hot’ end of the year in the face of demands being made by economic sectors as important to the Spanish economy as the countryside, the automotive industry and transport. They have already announced demonstrations in response to the problems their respective activities are going through. The Spanish economy is recovering the momentum it lost with the arrival of the pandemic. However, the global supply crisis…


“Setting On Fire” As A Political Practice

Fernando González Urbaneja | The mayor of Cádiz has taken the lead in the incendiary protests his city is suffering with a striking statement: “We have had to set fire to Cádiz so that Madrid will take notice of us”. “Setting on fire” as a political practice is nothing new; there were times when it was common, with disastrous results. Here is a mayor with democratic legitimacy and with the…