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“Ukraine sees EU as governance model”

BRUSSELS | By Jacobo de Regoyos | After Mr Poroshenko’s victory in Ukraine elections, expectations have risen to end the profound civil unrest. And many citizens are “identifying the EU with governance quality,” former head of the Spanish diplomacy (2002-04) and MEP Ana Palacio pointed out. She just came back from Kieve, where she was part of an international poll observers’ mission together the former US Secretary of State Madeleine Allbright.

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The withered EU recovery

BRUSSELS | By Jacobo de Regoyos | The euro zone’s GDP is to grow by 1.2% in 2014 and by 1.7% in 2015, the European Commission forecasts, while the whole of the EU will do by 1.6% and 2%, respectively. Even if Brussels rather thinks recovery is firmly rooted and it must protect it from gloomy predictions, the truth is that last data are showing an economy that is not really taking-off. 

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Today’s Talk Of The Market In Spain

MADRID | By Jaime Santisteban | It could be a big deal. The Spanish government has to evaluate a comprehensive report on the tax system reforms handed by an experts’ comittee  “We have spared no one,” they’ve said. Will this really boost simplicity and efficiency? Market makers await further details about where the government stands on each proposal. Besides, focus remains in Ukraine ans the polemic referendum in Crimea, and in China, whose PM announced that more defaults are coming.

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Today’s Talk of The Market in Spain

MADRID | By Jaime Santisteban | Relax: Ukraine’s crisis will not spark gas shortages; Abengoa’s yieldco IPO could amount $1bn at Nasdaq.; renewable energies achieve new historic maximum of 59% of overall production and much more…

US-german relations

Ukraine is not enough to warm up US-German relations

WASHINGTON | By Pablo Pardo | Germany’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, finishes his two-day visit to Washington today with at least some unintended achievement: the U.S. and Germany agree on the importance of a truly independent and democratic Ukraine. The revolution in Kiev and the menacing attitude of Russia have prompted an unexpected rapprochement between Berlin and Washington. However, a real warming up of US-German relations seems improbable.

Lenin falls in Kiev

Lenin falls in Ucraine

KIEV | By Gazeta Wyborcza via Presseurop | Anti-government demonstrators in Kiev on December 8 destroyed a statue of Lenin, which they said symbolised Russia’s dominance over Ukraine, reports Gazeta Wyborcza.


Ukraine, the Decisive Pawn- And Why the EU Moved Away From the US

MADRID | By Luis Arroyo | The West is losing ground in the international arena: the United States’ credibility is damaged and Europe is so self-centered, focused in its own business that it has underestimated Russia. Now Ukraine is in the middle of a boiling debate between pro-Russians and pro-westerns and Putin won’t let the EU snatch the former soviet country.

Ukrainians fight for the Union

Ukrainians fight for the Union

KIEV | By Jędrzej Bielecki at Rzeczpospolita via Presseurop | Some 100,000 demonstrators, who gathered in the centre of Kiev on Sunday November 24, called upon President Viktor Yanukovych to change his mind and sign an association agreement with the EU.